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When you weigh the idea of quitting an addiction, it's important to realize that this isn't a fight to take lightly. Trying to see if you can manage to quit with minimal effort can waste precious time; if you fail, it can be a long time before you work up the nerve and resolve to try again. Your addiction will have time to put down deeper roots then. Trying to quit, you want to give it your best shot every time -- look for inpatient rehabs in Danville, not outpatient ones. If you're not sure why you should choose the more expensive option, there are very good reasons.

Why Should You Check Into Your Rehab?

If you have an infection or an illness of some kind, you don't usually check into the hospital; you get your prescription and go home. It's the way it is for most kinds of illness, including cancer or HIV. Why check into a treatment center or Inpatient Rehabs in Danville for addiction then?

Substance abuse directly affects a region of the brain called the reward and learning center. This brain region creates an emotional attachment to the action of substance abuse. With this kind of effect, addicts tend to find it hard to understand that addiction is bad for them.

Even once a person does see the need for addiction treatment in Danville, they can't count on remaining convinced. The changes that drugs create in the reward and learning center tend to produce deep cravings that erase all such understanding.

It can be hard to stay motivated through the process of detox and rehab. Every minute of every day, you're likely to lose your appreciation of the fact that you need to quit. If you're home when this happens, reaching for a drink or a hit can become too easy. When you check into a facility, however, the choice to do so is taken away from you.

Most people who check in complete detox; most people who do not check in do not. It's that simple.

How Else Does Inpatient Rehab Help?

Taking you away from an environment of weakness and substance abuse is the strongest contribution that inpatient rehabs for addiction bring you. There's much more than they do, however.

In complicated detox, there is no other choice. You can't come in for treatment each day and then go back home. This is usually the case, for example, when your health is too fragile after having remained addicted for too long, when you have an addiction to more than one drug, or when there is a psychiatric disorder in the mix.

These aren't all rare occurrences; in fact, these complications occur in most cases. If the choice is up to you whether to choose inpatient rehab centers or outpatient ones, however, the former offers advantages:

  • You have support: This isn't a given for most addicts. An outpatient rehab is only a viable option if you have a supportive family back at home when you return each day. When the withdrawal symptoms strike, you're likely to experience so much discomfort and depression in spite of the medications, that you will want someone to take care of both your emotional needs and your physical needs. If you don't have someone all the time, inpatient rehab is the only option. It gives you access to support at all times.
  • You get more therapy: Most people don't realize this going in, but therapy is a huge part of rehab. More than anything, addiction is a psychological disorder, not a physical disorder. The greater your access to therapy at all stages of rehab, the better you understand what is happening to you, and the greater your resolve is likely to be. It is one of the reasons patients in inpatient rehab don't quit often.
  • There is less hurry: With outpatient rehab, it can always feel like you're on the clock. At inpatient rehab programs, however, you have all day. This can be very reassuring.

Inpatient Rehabs in Danville

Rehab can come in all shapes and sizes; some programs may be more medically valid than others. It's important to make sure that you choose inpatient rehab, and it's even a good idea to look for luxury to help ease the pain of the process, as long as you manage to distinguish between luxury and medical quality. Call Danville Drug Treatment Centers now for help (434) 339-4009.

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