Addiction Treatment in Danville, VA

If you have a loved one who is addicted to substance abuse, you certainly do want to find a way to help them. You need to begin looking for addiction treatment in Danville. How do you go about it, however? It can be a confusing process.

With most kinds of illness, the patient readily accepts the fact of their illness; they want to get better and are enthusiastic about any reliable avenue of treatment available. In general, however, people who suffer from mental disorders tend to experience overconfidence, mistrust of the world, and a deep need to be left alone; they will often refuse treatment. When it comes to addiction, the problem becomes far worse. One of the effects of addictive substances on the brain is to create a deep and undiscriminating emotional attachment to addictive behavior.

If a loved one resists talk of rehab, you don't need to engage in endless argument. People who are trapped in addiction do not respond to regular logic; it's important to bring in a professional interventionist. Before you begin to look for addiction treatment in Danville, then, it would make sense to look for such a professional -- someone who has special training in getting through to the addicted.

Treatment Begins with an Individual Assessment

Many drug rehabs opt for the quick-and-dirty approach to treatment -- they apply generic treatment plans to every patient. This approach is unlikely to result in successful treatment, however. Addiction is a complex disorder that arises out of multiple causes; sobriety is likely to be hard to attain unless each one of these causes is unraveled and correctly targeted.

When a person first arrives at rehab, assessment by a panel of specialists is an important initial step. The psychiatrist helps look for psychiatric disorders, these being common among those with addictions. A psychological therapist studies the patient's level of engagement and takes note of different areas of psychological problem that may affect the patient's ability to escape addiction. Addiction specialists and medical specialists consider the specific drugs involved, the duration for which use has lasted, and the patient's general level of health.

With Detailed Information at Their Disposal, These Specialists Create a Plan

Addiction has two different kinds of effect on the brain, both physical and psychological. Physical dependence on drugs can be painful to get rid of, but it does lend itself to a complete cure.

Physical dependence comes about when the brain, unable to stop the constant stream of harmful drugs arriving in the bloodstream, learns to adapt to their presence, instead. A brain that adapts to drugs cannot be quickly taken off them, however. Sudden, large changes tend to throw the brain's internal chemical calibration off, causing serious reactions. Pain, mood swings, and other mental effects, as well as physical effects on the heart and brain, are often seen.

These effects can be dangerous to attempt to deal with alone. For this reason, medical detox treatment carefully applies medications to ease the process and make it safer.

Medical detox in Danville tends to work best with inpatient treatment. When patients check into a detox facility, they have completely moved away from access to drugs and are given excellent emotional and professional support for their efforts. Inpatient detox tends to work best when it lasts at least 90 days.

Continuing Treatment with Rehab

In a common misunderstanding to do with drug treatment, many people assume that they are home free once the withdrawal symptoms and cravings of addiction disappear. The truth is, the most important part of rehab begins once detox completes.

Drugs deeply affect the mind, chemically altering the way drugs are perceived. With frequent and repeated exposure to drugs, it is the brain's learning center that sees the greatest change. These drugs are able to stimulate the brain's learning center to create deep attachment. Such attachment shows up for years, and sometimes through life, in the form of intense cravings. The scientific way to deal with these is to accept addiction rehabilitation that consists of cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of therapy.

One of the Best Ways to Check for Rehab Quality

When you need to look for addiction treatment in Danville, checking each rehab's success rate is the best way to go. It's important to understand how to go about this process. Some drug and alcohol addiction treatments tend to make exaggerated claims about their success rates, counting every patient who graduates from detox as a success. In truth, a recovering addict cannot be counted as having truly recovered unless they can stay sober at least five years. It's possible to find good drug and alcohol treatment programs; you need to apply the knowledge of how the process works. A good rehab program greatly improves one's chances of long-term success. Call Danville Drug Treatment Centers now for help (434) 339-4009.

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